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We all recognize the images you see above. All represent, in one form or another, process-driven efficiency. Despite staffing trends to the contrary, we’ve found that you can’t mass-produce great teams. Many have tried, and many have paid a high a price for mediocre results.

However, quality hiring is a business process: It can be duplicated, and it can be learned. Proven methodologies and best practices exist. And despite those who espouse “gut feeling,” great results can be achieved with striking consistency if you choose to implement a strategic hiring plan that strikes an effective balance between active and passive sourcing techniques and encompasses a holistic approach from role definition through on-boarding.

Let’s just step back for a moment and think this through.  From the perspective of both the hiring manager and the prospective employee, there seems to be no logical reason that this process should be so harrying!  Yet these are the reports that I get daily, from both sides of the fence.

Why can’t seeking a new position be energizing, exciting and fun?
Why can’t hiring be peaceful, simplistic and easy?

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